What is hypnotherapy?

A therapy conducted while the client is in hypnosis. It is a natural trance like state, rather like daydreaming. When the mind is in this state it is more open to suggestibility as it is in a focused and relaxed state. When the client is guided into hypnosis by the therapist the aim is to tap into the mind and body’s ability to self-heal through the subconscious mind.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

Any individual has the ability to daydream and so, can be hypnotised. It is not recommend for certain people such and very young children, those without capacity to consent or psychotic patients.

What does it feel like?

There is a misconception that if the client doesn’t “feel” anything hypnosis hasn’t worked. Although the client may look asleep they are usually aware of their surroundings and can respond to the therapist’s prompts. Some clients can fall asleep and this is perfectly safe. You will be brought back into the room and feel perfectly normal.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

At Mind The House we can support clients to overcome a variety of issues such as:

• Weight Management/ Virtual Gastric Band

• Stress and anxiety management

• Panic attacks

• Social anxiety

• Overcoming fears and phobias

• Quit smoking

• Confidence building

• Grief

• Sports performance and improvement

• Insomnia

• Sexual issues

• Overcoming procrastination

• Anger management

• Career progression

• Addictive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, spending)

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What will happen in a session?

After an initial FREE consultation and confirming session time we will continue the information gathering to identify how best to approach the issue at hand and identify your goals. Following this, I will record some personalised hypnosis. After the session you will receive your personalised recording via email to download and listen to as often as possible. IMPORTANT- All hypnosis tracks should be listened to in a safe space where you will not be disturbed, do not listen whilst driving or undertaking tasks that require your concentration.

Services provided by Mind The House do not constitute psychotherapy, professional medical advice or psychological analysis. The results from undergoing Hypnotherapy will depend on each client’s belief, motivation, commitment and responsiveness to hypnosis. Past history and other factor may affect results.

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